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Title: the first date
Post by: Pin on October 25, 2005, 17:30:52 PM
Jeff walks into the bar and sees his best mate Paul slumped over a pint, walks over and asked whats wrong.
"Well" replies Paul "You konw that beautiful girl at work that I have said that I want to ask out, but I get an erection everytime I see her? "
"Yes" replies Jeff with a litle laugh.
"Well" says Paul, sitting upright, "I finally workrd up the courage to ask her out, and she agreed."
"That's great" says Jeff "When are you taken her out?"
"I went to meet her earlier on this evening" continues paul "But I was so worried of getting an erection again, I got some duct tape and taped it to my leg, so that it would not show."
"Sensible" said Jeff "And"
"So I got to the door" said Paul "And I rang the door bell, She answered the door in the most sexyest dress I havec ever seen."
"Well" said Paul "What happened then."
Jeff hangs his head "I kicked her in the face."