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Viscount Discount:
... in grime.

The old classics include:

"Please clean me!"

"Driven well?  Call Crimewatch"

& the fave

"I wish my wife was this dirty"


What other good ones have you seen?

I find the "I wish my wife was this dirty!"   rather tedious now, but then again I am a tedious person  ;)

My fave was one a saw on the back of a Royal Mail lorry a few years back   

"More deliveries than Father Christmas"    ;D

Vauxhall Victor:

--- Quote from: Viscount Discount on July 06, 2007, 14:25:05 PM ---"Driven well?  Call Crimewatch"

--- End quote ---

Along exactly the same lines......

'How's my driving? Phone 999!'

and don't forget the classic.....

'Also available in white' / blue / red / yellow (or whatever colour the van is.)

And the other classic; 'Please pass quietly, driver asleep'

driven well?

if not, please ring somewhere in Poland...


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