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More classic quiz show answers
« on: October 22, 2007, 13:44:14 PM »
Might already be posted, but worth reposting: -

QUIZMANIA (ITV)                                                          
Greg Scott: We're looking for an occupation beginning with 'T'.  
Contestant: Doctor.                                                      
Scott: No, it's 'T'. 'T' for Tommy. 'T' for Tango.                                                          
Contestant: Oh, right . . . (pause) . . . Doctor.                        
 DANNY KELLY SHOW (RADIO WM)                                                
 Kelly: Which French Mediterranean town hosts a famous film festival every year?                                                                  
 Contestant: I don't know, I need a clue.                                  
 Kelly: OK. What do beans come in?                                        
 Contestant: Cartons?              
 BEG, BORROW OR STEAL (BBC2)                                              
 Jamie Theakston: Where do you think Cambridge University is?              
 Contestant: Geography isn't my strong point.                              
 Theakston: There's a clue in the title.                                  
 Contestant: Leicester.                                      
 BBC NORFOLK                                                              
 Stewart White: Who had a worldwide hit with What A Wonderful World?        
 Contestant: I don't know.                                                
 White: I'll give you some clues: what do you call the part between your    
 hand and your elbow?                                                            
 Contestant: Arm.                                                          
 White: Correct. And if you're not weak, you're . . .?                    
 Contestant: Strong.                                                        
 White: Correct - and what was Lord Mountbatten's first name?              
 Contestant: Louis.                                                        
 White: Well, there we are then. So who had a worldwide hit with the song    
 What A Wonderful World?                                                  
 Contestant: Frank Sinatra?          
 UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE (BBC2)                                                
 Jeremy Paxman: What is another name for 'cherrypickers' and              
 Contestant: Homosexuals.                                                  
 Paxman: No. They're regiments in the British Army who will be very upset  
 with you.                                                                

 THE WEAKEST LINK (BBC2)                                                  
 Anne Robinson: Oscar Wilde, Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Archer have all      
 written books about their experiences in what: prison, or the Conservative Party?  
 Contestant: The Conservative Party.              
 BEACON RADIO (WOLVERHAMPTON)                                              
 DJ Mark: For Pounds 10, what is the nationality of the Pope?              
 Ruth from Rowley Regis: I think I know that one.  Is it Jewish?    
 THE WEAKEST LINK                                                          
 Anne Robinson: In traffic, what 'J' is where two roads meet?              
 Contestant: Jool carriageway?                    

 GWR FM (Bristol)                                                          
 Presenter: What happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?                  
 Contestant: I don't know, I wasn't watching it then.      
 RTE RADIO 2FM (IRELAND)                                                  
 Presenter: What is the name of the long- running TV comedy show about      
 pensioners: Last Of The ...?                                              
 Caller: Mohicans.                                                      
 Greg Scott: We're looking for a word that goes in front of 'clock'.        
 Contestant: Grandfather.                                                  
 Scott: Grandfather clock is already up there, say something else.          
 Contestant: Panda.                                            
 PHIL WOOD SHOW (BBC RADIO MANCHESTER)                                      
 Phil: What's 11 squared?                                                  
 Contestant: I don't know.                                                
 Phil: I'll give you a clue. It's two ones with a two in the middle.        
 Contestant: Is it five?                                
 RICHARD AND JUDY                                                          
 Q: Which American actor is married to Nicole Kidman?                      
 A: Forrest Gump.                                  
 RICHARD AND JUDY                                                          
 Leslie: On which street did Sherlock Holmes live?                        
 Contestant: Er . . .                                                      
 Leslie: He makes bread .. .                                                
 Contestant: Er . . .                                                      
 Leslie: He makes cakes .. .                                              
 Contestant: Kipling Street?            
 LINCS FM PHONE-IN                                                          
 Presenter: Which is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world?    
 Contestant: Barcelona.                                                    
 Presenter: I was really after the name of a country.                      
 Contestant: I'm sorry, I don't know the names of any countries in Spain.  

 RADIO 1 EARLY MORNING SHOW                                                
 Presenter: How many toes would three people have in total?                
 Contestant: 23.                                                            

 NOTTS AND CROSSES QUIZ (BBC RADIO NOTTINGHAM)                              
 Jeff Owen: In which country is Mount Everest?                            
 Contestant (long pause): Er, it's not in Scotland, is it?    
 THE MICK GIRDLER SHOW (BBC RADIO SOLENT)                                  
 Girdler: I'm looking for an island in the Atlantic whose name includes the
 letter 'e'.                                                              
 Contestant: Ghana.                                                        
 Girdler: No, listen. It's an island in the Atlantic Ocean.                
 Contestant: New Zealand.                                    
 NATIONAL LOTTERY (BBC1)                                                  
 Question: What is the world's largest continent?                          
 Contestant: The Pacific                                              
 ROCK FM (PRESTON)                                                          
 Presenter: Name a film starring Bob Hoskins that is also the name of a    
 famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.                                    
 Contestant: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?                  
 THE BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN (ITV)                                            
 Steve Le Fevre: What was signed to bring World War I to an end in 1918?    
 Contestant: Magna Carta.        
 JAMES O'BRIEN SHOW (LBC)                                                  
 O'Brien: How many kings of England have been called Henry?                
 Contestant: Er, well, I know there was a Henry the Eighth ... er . . . er                                                                            
 . . three?              
 NATIONAL LOTTERY                                                          
 Eamonn Holmes: There are three states of matter: solid, liquid and what?  
 Contestant: Jelly.    
 RICHARD ALLINSON SHOW (RADIO 2)                                            
 Allinson: What international brand shares its name with the Greek goddess  
 of victory?                                                                  
 Contestant (after long deliberation): Erm, Kellogg's?      
 BLIND DATE (ITV)                                                          
 Girl: Name a book written by Jane Austen.                                
 Boy: Charlotte Bronte.              
 CHRIS SEARLE SHOW (BBC RADIO BRISTOL)                                      
 Searle: In which European country is Mount Etna?                          
 Caller: Japan.                                                            
 Searle: I did say which European country, so in case you didn't hear that,
 I can let you try again.                                                    
 Caller: Er . . . Mexico?            
 DOG EAT DOG (BBC1)                                                        
 Ulrika Jonsson: Who wrote Lord of the Rings?                              
 Contestant: Enid Blyton                                                  

 PAUL WAPPAT (BBC RADIO NEWCASTLE)                                        
 Paul Wappat: How long did the Six-Day War between Egypt and Israel last?    
 Contestant (after long pause): Fourteen days.    
 NATIONAL LOTTERY                                                          
 Eamonn Holmes: Dizzy Gillespie is famous for playing . .. what?            
 Contestant: Basketball.                    
 NOTTS AND CROSSES QUIZ                                                      
 Jeff Owen: Where did the D-Day landings take place?                      
 Contestant (after pause): Pearl Harbor?                              

 DARYL DENHAM'S DRIVETIME (VIRGIN RADIO)                                  
 Daryl Denham: In which country would you spend shekels?                    
 Contestant: Holland?                                                      
 Denham: Try the next letter of the alphabet.                              
 Contestant: Iceland? Ireland?                                              
 Denham (helpfully): It's a bad line. Did you say Israel?                  
 Contestant: No.                                                  
 PHIL WOOD SHOW (BBC GMR)                                                  
 Wood: What 'K' could be described as the Islamic Bible?                    
 Contestant: Er . . .                                                      
 Wood: It's got two syllables . . . Kor . . .                              
 Contestant: Blimey?                                                        
 Wood: Ha ha ha ha, no. The past participle of run . . .                  
 Contestant: (Silence)                                                    
 Wood: OK, try it another way. Today I run, yesterday I . . .              
 Contestant: Walked?                
 NATIONAL LOTTERY                                                          
 Dale Winton: Skegness is a seaside resort on the coast of which sea: a)    
 Irish Sea, b) English Channel, c) North Sea?                              
 Contestant: Oh, I know that, you can start writing out the cheque now,    
 It's on the east coast, so it must be the Irish Sea.  

 THE VAULT                                                                
 Melanie Sykes: What is the name given to the condition where the sufferer  
 can fall asleep at any time?                                              
 Contestant: Nostalgia.      

 LUNCHTIME SHOW (BRMB)                                                    
 Presenter: What religion was Guy Fawkes?                                  
 Contestant: Jewish.                                                      
 Presenter: That's close enough.      
 BREAKFAST SHOW, RADIO 1                                                    
 Chris Moyles: Which 'S' is a kind of whale that can grow up to 80 tonnes?  
 Contestant: Ummm .. .                                                    
 Moyles: It begins with 'S' and rhymes with 'perm'.                        
 Contestant: Shark.                                  
 STEVE WRIGHT IN THE AFTERNOON (BBC RADIO 2)                                
 Wright: Johnny Weissmuller died on this day. Which jungle-swinging        
 character clad only in a loincloth did he play?                                      
 Contestant: Jesus.        

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Re: More classic quiz show answers
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LOL, there are some thick prats about  :2funny:

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Re: More classic quiz show answers
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You said it, LV    ::)

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Re: More classic quiz show answers
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You said it, LV    ::)

I meant getting on to quiz shows    ::) 

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Re: More classic quiz show answers
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Just read these.... :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: