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Here's a new topic for you to ponder: 'On this day in history'.
I'll try to post some facts about the 1980's each day but feel free to take over or add interesting snippets. Right; here goes:

1st October,
1982: Britain won 9 medals including 4 gold, on the first day of the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.
1983: Shalamar split on singer Howard Hewett's 28th birthday.
1988: Whitney Houston entered the top 20 with the US Olympic anthem 'One Moment in Time', a future No.1.
1988: Mikhail Gorbachev became President of the Soviet Union.

Nice one Pete. 

1985: Riots in Toxteth and Peckham.

Viscount Discount:

1983 Sweden issues a stamp honouring Abba

1983.Neil Kinnock becomes the new leader of the Labour party

Well done Cleo, Visc and Dava: I never knew that!

2nd October:
1985: - Rock Hudson died from the AIDS virus at the age of 59.
1988: The 24th Olympiad came to an end in Seoul, South Korea, and British Airways banned all smoking on short domestic flights.

Famous birthdays:
1950: Mike Rutherford (Mike & the Mechanics, Genesis)
1951: Sting
1955: Phil Oakey (Human League).


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