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Takes Me Back !!!

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Well Not A Poll As Such  But .......

Just something That when you See or Hear Makes you think 80's

1.   What item of Clothing
2.   What sweet
3.   What Soft Drink
4.   What Car
5.   What Purfume/Aftershave
6.   What Toy/Game
7.   What Snack
8.   What Place (Venue)
9.   What Word/Saying
10. What Film

1.   What item of Clothing - Fingerless Gloves
2.   What sweet - Stardust
3.   What Soft Drink - Quantro
4.   What Car - The Ford XR3i
5.   What Purfume/Aftershave - Opium
6.   What Toy/Game - Rubiks Snake
7.   What Snack - Pot Noodle
8.   What Place (Venue) - Madison (Nightclub)
9.   What Word/Saying - OK Ya!
10. What Film - Breaking Glass

Good call O0

1.What item of Clothing - Box Jacket or Italian Combat Jacket. I had both and lived in them. :coolsmiley:

2.What sweet - Cough Candy, I ate a tonne of these back then. :D

3.What Soft Drink - TAB, not because I drank it, I seem to remember seeing it everywhere. :idiot2:

4.What Car - TR7, My mates Mum had one which we borrowed from time to time when she wasn't about. Happy days >:D

5.What Perfume/Aftershave - Aramis, I was forever blagging my brothers ;D

6.What Toy/Game - The hand held Astro wars game. My mate had one for which I was very envious. :-[

7.What Snack - Burton's Fish 'n' Chip biscuit/crisp things. :smitten:

8.What Place (Venue) - Milton Keynes shopping centre. As a teen I loved the place. As an adult I would love to see it raised to the ground. ::)

9.What Word/Saying - Lush or Sweet As A Nut ^-^

10.What Film - Back To The Future. Remember walking out of The Point in MK to a warm summers evening after going to see it there on the day The Point opened. Others would be Top Gun and the lesser known Lemon Popsicle. :)

1.   What item of Clothing - Bomber Jacket / Doc Martens
2.   What sweet - Spangles
3.   What Soft Drink - Boddingtons ..... or maybe Fresca
4.   What Car - Ford Cortina (my first car) or 3l Capri Ghia
5.   What Perfume/Aftershave - Hai Karate
6.   What Toy/Game - Battlezone, Missile Command, Scramble, Phoenix, Galaxian, ...
7.   What Snack - Corned Beef Vienna
8.   What Place (Venue) - Cyprus Tavern Manchester
9.   What Word/Saying - Frankie says
10. What Film - Porkies

I could probably do another list tomorrow ....

 O0  Butons Fish And Chips Were Moreish in Deed   O0

Oooo Forgot About the Porkie's Movies..........  :D


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