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It Bites rerecord Calling all the Heroes for charity


So I mentioned this in the Welcome thread.

It Bites have re-recorded their No 6 hit "Calling all the Heroes". It features It Bites with John Wetton and Geoff Downes from (Asia, Yes, Roxy Music, Buggles and King Crimson), Marillion, Jason Perry (A), thingy Nolan and Jem Godfrey all taking part in the project. Original frontman Francis Dunnery sings the opening line.

The track is in aid of Cumbrian Flood Relief and will be release as an EP

There is also a charity concert on Feb 26th at Carnegie Theatre in Workington.

The It Bites website will have full details but there is also a Facebook group which as I guess I can't link to yet is called 'Lets make Calling all the Heroes by It Bites a 2010 UK Number One"

For those who don't know both It Bites are still going strong. John Beck and Bob Dalton are still in It Bites. John Mitchell and Lee Pomeroy complete the line up. Francis Dunnery is also still around as a solo artist with quite a varied back catalogue as his style has changed over the years.

Hi all. the track has now been released. It can be bought from Amazon (89p) or itunes. (99p)



this is the video
which can also bought from itunes here:


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