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The Vuvuzela

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Having now watched one match and match highlights I can say with complete confidence that I find the droning never ending/changing sound of the vuvuzela to be more irritating than thrush!

I hope the travelling band has enough lung power to drown them out with their rendition of The Great Escape!

*Blank Stare !!!

It sounds like there is a massive hive of bees in the stadium.Extremely annoying

i don't think many are going to disagree..

bloody annoying!  >:(

yeap..bring on the band tomorrow!

duh duh, de duh de duh duh, duh duh de duh de duh de duh!  O0  :laugh:


Not seen any footie or heard the "tune" yet, but I have a feeling by the general consensus that I'm not gonna like it!  ;D


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