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Directed by Sylvester Stallone and produced by Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler this sequel was released on November 27, 1985 and would prove to be the most popular one in the series so far. Rocky and his long time friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) are enjoying their retirement from the ring until Creed taking a dip in the pool sees a news broadcast on his TV poolside, about a boxer from Russia named Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) After listening a little Creed a proud American, is offended by the arrogant nature of the visiting Russians and decides to preserve the American pride by coming out of retirement to show this fighter a thing or two about American boxing by having an exhibition bout with the Giant Russian boxer. 

Apollo makes his way to Rocky's house to discuss his decision to fight this giant. Rocky is strongly against this as he and Creed aren't in their prime anymore and is concerned about his friend's well being. After a small argument and some impressive reasoning from Creed, Rocky agrees to be in his corner for the upcoming fight. Problem is, his opponent takes this fight to a level WAY beyond an exhibition bout. The fight begins slowly and usual with both fighters throwing some jabs and a hook or to until Drago's corner yells something in Russian. This is where Dragon starts to unload on Creed! Brutal power punches combined with speed are too much for Creed who thought that this was just an exhibition, and is beaten to the ring floor where he convulses and dies. After looking into the eyes of Drago, Rocky knows then and there that he must avenge his fallen friend's death. The fight takes place in Russia where there is overwhelming and much intimidating support for their giant fighter. At the beginning of the fight, Rocky is not doing too well and is knocked around a lot. Forced into the corner by Drago's power and punch speed, Rocky shakes loose one of his hands and with a right hook, blasts Drago cutting the big man over the eye. This is where Rocky takes the awesome offensive and unloads tons of hits on Drago and backs him into the corner where he continues to pound him until Drago grabs his neck and lands a huge bomb. Rocky then picks up Drago and slams him to the ground. As the fight goes on, Rocky's power and heart overwhelmes the Russian and he falls ring floor unable to get up in time. Chalk up one more for Balboa.



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ROCKY IV is very thin, content-wise. Plenty of video montages to eat the clock allow for roughly 15 minutes of story in this move. And yes, some of those fifteen minutes are even recounted in at least one of those montages, for the song "No Easy Way Out," as I recall.

But the final bout with Rocky and Drago is tedius to watch. Rocky gets punched, and his wet hair sprays out water, in all directions. Drago gets punched and his wet hair sprays out in all directions. Rocky gets punched, and his wet hair ... on and on it goes for like, ten minutes. I have to fast-forward through most of this fight, it's so monotonous. Bridget Neilson was absolutely stunning, in the 8O's. Unfortunately, she did not have a nose for projects.

When I saw this movie in what? 1985, I was 17 and thought it was awesome. I could not get enough of this movie, especially when it came out on VHS, at the time. But even then, I remember feeling that the last fight went on far too long. Looking back on it now, Rocky moved the most into cartoonishness with this movie, though this process had first reared its ugly head in ROCKY II. Rocky III was much more blatant about it, but Rocky IV's completely unbelievable. And Adrian, who was so special and important to the original Rocky and so adorable, has now become a nagging housewife. When she finally shows up in Russia, I would've been like, "oh great! More nagging! I thought I escaped all that, when I skipped town." But she was a good girl when she arrived and didn't say or do much.

Apollo, of course, realizing he could make THIS movie and end up in an even worse sequel, took the coward's way out, fairly early on, in ROCKY IV. Despite this movie's many shortcomings, including Stallone's jarring direction - transitioning between scenes doesn't seem to be his strongsuit - it was 8O's gold and, I believe, the most successful of the Rocky's. Being from Philadelphia, PA, I can tell you that the city has changed much. Rocky's association with this city is really celebrated more by tourists, than by locals, it was all so long ago. But the Rocky statue has always remained a source of controversy, here. Is it a movie prop that belongs outside of a stadium, or sports bar? Is it a legitimate work of "art" that belongs outside the Art Museum? Had it not been for this switching around and debate over the statue, ROCKY just isn't a household word, anymore.