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Eddie and the Cruisers
« on: April 03, 2004, 20:35:18 PM »
Plot Summary
Maggie Foley (Ellen Barkin) is a reporter who's interviewing the surviving members of a band who's music is being revived. Memories of the band's leader Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare) are being relived as Frank Ridgeway (Tom Berenger) is reunited with the old members of the band. As the memories are relived on the screen, it becomes clear that someone is looking for the lost unpublished tapes of the band's final recording and that someone might be Eddie!

Tom Berenger ....  Frank Ridgeway
Michael Paré ....  Eddie Wilson
Joe Pantoliano ....  Doc Robbins
Matthew Laurance ....  Sal Amato
Helen Schneider ....  Joann Carlino
David Wilson ....  Kenny Hopkins
Michael 'Tunes' Antunes ....  Wendell Newton
Ellen Barkin ....  Maggie Foley
Kenny Vance ....  Lew Elson
John Stockwell ....  Keith Livingston
Joe Cates ....  Lois
Barry Sand ....  Barry Siegel
Vebe Borge ....  Gerry Rivers
Howard Johnson ....  Wendell's Replacement
Joey Balin ....  Eddie's Replacement