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I suspect this is a subject close to some members' hearts ;)

What drinks bring back happy memories of the 80's?

I remember when bottled beer was an expensive luxury - the only choice was Holsten Pils or Satzenbrau Pils.
Now bottled beers are just expensive ;D

I spent most of the time on snakebites - cider and bitter because it offered the best effectv cost ratio ;D
Parties were either a large bottle of cider or 4 cansof  Boddies

What drinks do you remember or want to forget !

a drink to forget I remember when i used to drink, one night when i was drunk someone brought me a pint of lager with a tomato juice added to it and I drunk the lot.
I did feel rather Ill the next day!!

Ah, the joy of Schlitz and Erlanger circa 1983. Furstenberg too.........Old Milwaukee, Heileman's Old Style........


--- Quote from: cammyb on May 07, 2004, 15:45:29 PM ---... Furstenberg too.........

--- End quote ---

That was even worse than satzenbrau ! ;)

Your a**e in parsley, Shytot! Furstenber is superb - especially draught. The Ubiquitous Chip serves a particularly excellent pint. If you're ever in Glasgow I'll buy you one to prove it!!


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