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80's 'Unsung' Heroes
« on: November 23, 2003, 15:30:21 PM »
Listening to the radio the other day "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel gave me the idea for this topic (sorry for the pun in the title!).
Any bloke that can talk a Supermodel into being in the video for a song bout poor bloke meets rich girl,gives her enough speil to talk her into going out with him and then end up marrying the girl has got to be a hero in my book. Unfortunately his lyrics came back to haunt him:

              " Bet she never had a backstreet guy "
              " Bet her mother never told her why "

Obviously she never spoke to her mother because she divorced him when she realised what a tosser he was !!!

Anybody else got an 'unsung hero' they like to tell us about ??