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I'm surprised no one has put a thread up on the ZX-81.

I built mine from a kit and spent way to manny hours writing programs in BASIC.

Who also suffered from RAM-pack wobble?

Or had their mum unplug it when it was running a really big program that had taken a week to write and not yet saved to tape?

Oh the joys.....

How did you have a 'really big program' with only a 16k ram expansion?! (did you have the 64k ram pack?)

Never had or used one but have read up on it. That keyboard must have been hell to type on! Also using fast mode must have been a pain - with the display disappearing when the ZX81 was doing intensive work!

It's amazing what that little thing could be made to do - like using the cassette port to produce audio - high res graphics - colour graphics (amazing considering the ZX81 is a black and white computer) - it even played chess on the basic 1K model.

It was a landmark machine, no question about it.


Believe me, it appeared to be a really big program when you had to type it all in manually, then watch a blocky aeroplane fly across the screen and you dropped a blocky bomb on some blocky houses  ;D Aaaah, memories!

Oh the days of RAM pack wobble.  I remember them well.

I agree Cam typing any program in with that keyboard made it seem massive.

Also, remember various versions of Bomber, great game, minutes of amusement...

3D Monster Maze anyone???

Top Cat's pal:

--- Quote from: badger on August 27, 2004, 08:03:37 AM ---Oh the days of RAM pack wobble.  I remember them well.
--- End quote ---
I used a LARGE chunk of blue-tac stuck between the RAM pack and the back of the machine to stop it wobbling! It usually worked...

--- Quote from: badger on August 27, 2004, 08:03:37 AM ---3D Monster Maze anyone???
--- End quote ---
Ooooooooo, yes please!!! I seem to remember that 3d Monster Maze took about 7 minutes to load, which - when you were never sure if it was going to work, or just reset once it got to the end of the recorded program - was a VERY long time!


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