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My all tim e fave 80s computer game has to be Elite.  It was a perfect blend of flying around and blowing the crud outta stuff.....not to mention the blue danube being played at you.

*Remembers the days when had chicken pox*


I didn't have the patience for Elite!

For me, the one 80's game I return to more-often than not is Chuckie Egg. It's a pure single screen 2D platform game, simple yet fiendish. It's speedy and you just jump right in - and it's only 8 levels (with the same 8 levels repeated with the mother hen flying around trying to catch hen-house-harry) so it's great for a quick blast trying to beat your highest score!

Oh, and the Amstrad CPC version is the definitive version. I play it now on ArnoldX - it's perhaps a bit of waste of the power inside the xbox though!

my fav's ...say in a games parlour were, space invaders....pac -man....galaxian....frogger

on the commodore 64 it was,  space invaders.....paperboy ( not really that exciting ).....traffic - ( in london).....and of course my favourite, delta ! it was 1992 since i last played this properly...and from memory i was somewhere near the end but cant remember what level d'oh !...takes some time to get used to this one and picking the right options at the right times.....anyone else liked this ?

also the donkey kong the orange double screen hand held version that came out in 82 ' along with a few others of that type ...still have em'

i ,might look into collecting some more of these before they all disappear

there are some very good emulators out there for the PC - I have a C64 emulator (the CCS one) a speccy emulator, Amiga (WinFellow) and the MAME engine for all the old arcade games  -they all work very well and are readily available on the net.

I don't remember what system we had but I used to love playing Lemmings (was it 80's?), Nifty Lifty, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pacman..I used to love this fantastic game but I don't know what it was called.  In it, you were a serf and I remember going down what looked like drain grids to another level of (I think) a castle or something.  I loved that game. It was an old system where you had to play a cassette, which made the same hideous noise as a dial up modem connecting....


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