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Came out in direct opposition to the ZX Spectrum, this is what I got and it was a crackin wee machine. Does anyone else remember this machine?

Later successor to the Oric-1 was the Oric Atmos

Yep, I remember both of these.

Never used either though.


Hardware info, emulators, screenshots etc...

i know this is an ancient topic but was just thinking about my brothers first computer and wondered if anyone had mentioned it...and here it is!

i think he had the original version, looking at the pics...

Lister called it a crackin wee machine...i remember it as a load of rubbish!  ;D anyone still got one that works?

Snappycat, I meant it was a wee cracker back in 1983 when I was thirteen and the world was still in relative black and white!!

They didn't come with windows you know  :laugh: :2funny: :laugh:


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