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Vauxhall Victor:
I've recently been putting together a couple of compilation CDs for my workplace, entitled 'Forgotten 80s', because they're full of songs which most of my colleages wont have heard for a long time (even though I'm sure you guys play them all the time, so you wont have forgotten them!).

Above, I've listed a small selection from the first CD I've put together. Not all of them are classics, I admit, but I wanted to use tracks which my workmates probably wouldn't recognise until they heard them, and then they might stir up memories of the 80s for them.

Which is your favourite?

Viscount Discount:
I'm afraid I HAVE forgotten all of them, V V  :-[ - apart from the Matthew Wilder and Ryan Paris songs and I don't really like either of them....   8)

Modern Talking and 'Brother Louie' for me - I love that track.

Matthew Wilder closely behind.

Matthew Wilder for me.

I've gone for the Double track - not for any particular reason other than its a good song.

My second choice would me Matthew Wilder


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