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The Stevie Wonder Joke
« on: April 19, 2005, 16:15:09 PM »
A friend just emailed me this, don't know if it's been on here before.

Stevie Wonder has just finished a sell-out concert in Japan and after the applause has died down he asks the crowd if there's anything they'd like him to play. This little Japanese fella at the front is jumping up and down, shouting and waving his arms like a madman and Stevie asks him what he'd like him to play. The Jap shouts "Play a jazz chord, play a jazz chord" so Stevie belts out a 2 minute solo in F minor on his piano and gets the crowd rocking. "No, No" shouts the Jap "Play a jazz chord, play a jazz chord!" A little bit bemused, Stevie does a 3 minute impromptu in A major and the crowd is in raptures. The little fella shouts "No, No, I want you to play a jazz chord". Stevie gives in and says "How does that go then?" .. .. .. To which the fan replies... {In your best Japanese accent} "A jazz chord to say I ruv you!"
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