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.. The Head..
« on: December 01, 2005, 16:44:46 PM »
.. Some years ago in the sleepy Australian town of Kurnell a new baby came into the world. This little chap was very different from all the other kids in the hospital because he was just a head.. I mean literally just a head!!

 A few years later at his 6th birthday party  all his friends were gathered around the table.. his father burst into the room and said:Head.. I've got a present for you!!

Head replied : I hope it isn't another ******* hat Dad..

The years passed like water under the proverbial bridge and at the tender age of 11, Head was at his 1st swimming carnival.. the 100m butterfly to be exact. The boys were all up on the starting blocks anxiously anticipating the sound of the  starter's gun... Bang! The boys dived into the water whereupon  Head sunk like a stone to the bottom of the pool. The race finished, and  the PE teacher dived into the pool to rescue the plucky Head...

"What happened head"??

"Ahh Sir...I got a cramp" he replied..

More years passed like sands through the hourglass. An 18 year Head rolled into the local pub. Now a seasoned hard-man in the local community head demanded a pint.... with a straw of course..

" Do you play darts in this flea-pit" he asked.

" Yes Head we do.. but we don't like passive smoking.... of course in your case we'll make an exception".

"Right in that case put three darts in my mouth.. walk over there behind the line and throw the ******* board at me"

And so ends the story of the Head, a living Australian treasure.