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Vauxhall Victor:
Had one of the old rubber keyed Spectrums. I used to spend hours playing driving games (little has changed), including 'Out Run', 'Turbo Esprit', 'Chase HQ', 'Spy Hunter' and 'Ironman - Super Off-Road Racer'.

Anyone else have a Speccy?

My first computer was also the good old speccy, much better than commodore 64  ;D

Remember busting the keyboard playing Daley Thompsons Decathlon.

Fav games: Match Day 2 ,Turbo Esprit, Technician Ted, Daley Thompsons, also have fond memories playing Trashman and Scuba Dive.

*Goes off to play spectrum emulator on PC

Vauxhall Victor:
I remember 'Scuba Dive'.

Other games I played included 'Jet Set Willy', 'Skool Daze' and 'Back 2 Skool', and lots of 80s TV-related games such as 'Minder', 'Blockbusters' and 'The Krypton Factor'.

Forgot about the 'Skool Daze' games, another 2 classic games  :D

My mate had a Speccy, he had most of those - but do you also remember Paper Boy, Football Manager (with the little stick men), Jetpac, Chuckie Egg and Atic Atac? We broke my joystick on Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

I had an Acorn Electron :(


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