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Re: The Heavy Metal Box
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2007, 18:40:47 PM »
I am a bit saddened at the turn out on the contest and also a bit puzzled i truly thought i had sent in a message to sw i could answer 8 easily for sure 100% I wanted so mush to have got in on this but messed up somehow..........anyway congrats for the two you got rite to win this one, turns out i guess that I may be the only metal head on the board

I know with out a doubt that the contest bits were as follows that
#1 was iron butterfly, ina godadavida,
#2 was Iced earth-the ripper,
 5 was iron maiden- # of the beast, 
6 was Queensryche- the Queen of the riech
7 was scorpion- rock you like a huricane,
8 was spinal tap big bottoms,
9 I recognize but wasnt able to put my finger on it,
  10 was the still of the night -white snake,

Im so sad I didnt get the message to you SW and sadder still to find im the only metal head here. :'( :'(
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