Author Topic: 80's Podcast: Episode 30 | Gizmo Gets Visited By 3 Ghosts (+ CONTEST)  (Read 2949 times)

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Episode 30 | Gizmo Gets Visited By 3 Ghosts

Gizmo and the whole Magwai gang of mystical creatures are up for discussion in this week's special 30th episode featuring "Gremlins" (1984)! One of us gets their fond memories of this movie crushed after last week's nostalgic review. The other embraces the movie for what it was meant to be. Hear us battle it out over who's right.

But first, we announce the start of our "Name These 80's Movies" contest! It's easy to enter. Just listen to this episode and we'll play a few seconds of audio pulled from five different 80's movies. All you have to do is identify the name of all five movies and send us what they are, in order, to Well randomly pull one (1) winner out of all the correct submissions at the end of the contest. Entries must be received on or before Tuesday, 12/18/2012 to be included in the drawing. It's that simple! You just have to know your 80's movies! Have a listen and find out if you know and what you could win! Entrants must be 18 or older to participate. Contest not open to family members of the show.

Lastly, we'll give our nostalgic review of next week's episode which is a modern-day (at least in 1988) re-telling of a classic Christmas story by author Charles thingyens.


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Two long-time friends exchange lively nostalgic and current views on iconic (and not so iconic!) 80's movies. A podcast for anyone who remembers the 80's as the best damn decade of movies ever!

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